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I first heard about essential oils and Young Living a few years ago from a fellow nurse coworker. It was an interesting conversation and my coworker really knew her stuff about these oils. After that I tossed the idea around in my head from time to time but I wasn’t sure how essential oils would fit into my life so I didn’t act on what I’d learned. Now I can’t imagine my life without essential oils and Young Living.

What my coworker did that day for me was plant a seed in my head. It grew until I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I finally realized that essential oils and Young Living were indeed a good thing for my family and I. The more I learn about these oils, the more I want to use them to support my health and my family’s health.

As a Registered Nurse of 24 years I’ve seen my share of illness gone bad and I know that’s what I don’t want. I know that I do want to focus on health maintenance and preventative health. I know that I want to use these products and share what I know with others so they can be healthy too.

Please follow my blog as I share my experiences with these oils and products. Contact me at; so I can help get you started on your road to health and wellness with Young Living. Click the link below to go directly to my enroller/sponsor sign up page.

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